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Scroll down to view our livestream. You can also dial in at 1-888-376-1475 to hear the audio.

For a free online Mishkan T’Filah prayer book for Friday and Saturday services, click here

To access free online High Holy Day prayer books, please click here.

High Holy Days

Services marked as being livestreamed (click to view our schedule on desktop and on mobile) will be streamed on this page during their scheduled times. All times are in Pacific Time (PT).  There is no registration and no fee required to watch our livestream! For information on our temple and how to give back to our community, click here.

Click here to view an updated archive of High Holy Days services and sermons.

Trouble viewing our livestream?


  • Get your viewing page (LiveControl Web Player, Facebook, YouTube, etc) set up a few minutes ahead of time and ensure that your internet connection is strong.

  • Everything looking okay so far? Let's be sure you have your computer volume turned up! If you experience no or low volume, this is likely the culprit!

  • Does it look like there's a lag due to the event buffering? No problem! Refresh your open browser and everything should play as smoothly as expected.

  • Once you're all set, enjoy your event!

  • To view our livestream in a new window, click here.


More Community Than Ever

Emanu-El's community is open to all, and has been welcoming  members in San Francisco since 1845. Our members are the heart of our congregation, creating a widely diverse community that combines San Francisco's essence with the soul of Judaism.

Join us today!

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